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Champagne in Hot Tub
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102" x 87" x 37"

Pumps & Horsepower

3 x 2HP (5 BHP)

# of Jets





7 seats + 1 lounger

53A / 220V



The Maximus hot tub is a large hot tub designed for up to eight people, with one lounger and seven seats. It includes 84 powerful jets, water features and LED lights. Using 3 x 2HP pumps, the jet pressure is powerful, and therefore the hydrotherapy is exceptional.

The Maximus is the largest and one of the most powerful hot tubs in the Platinum Spas premium range. It comes with the Superior Aristech Acrylic finish and the Ozone water clarifying system.

The Maximus hot tub has an integrated Bluetooth sound system and is also compatible with a Wi-Fi app based remote control (the Balboa Wi-Fi module can be purchased separately), making it an excellent choice for ghosting family parties or entertaining friends.


Standard on all models


Stainless Steel Frame

All frames are hand welded, providing unparalleled structural integrity, along with helping to prevent any movement of the acrylic shell as the spa ages. Our stainless-steel frames help extend the life of your spa.


Elegant Cabinetry

Our maintenance free cabinets with large horizontal planks and vertical corners, that light up virtually any color you like, capture the look of fine furniture, and enhance the look of any deck or patio.


ABS Pan Base

A high impact molded base is reinforced with fiberglass making it one of the industry’s strongest cabinet bases designed to protect your spa from the elements and prohibit the entry of mice and other varmints.


Multi-Layer Insulation

Our Platinum Shield system reduces energy costs by combining five different types of insulation along with a heat retention system that recycles the heat radiating from the pumps while still allowing the ease of future service. This insulation also allows it to be easily serviced.


Premium Balboa Controls

Both our TP700 and Spa Touch 2T are intuitive easy to use control panels that provide a large color touch screen allowing you to control temperature, individual pumps, and keep you informed of your hot tub’s performance.



5.5 KW Heater

Our powerful heater is not only energy efficient, but it heats the water faster than traditional 4 KW hot tubs, this saves you money by allowing you to lower the water temperature in the winter and raising it shortly before usage.


24/7 Auto Filtration System

Our 1HP circulation pump costs pennies to operate and provides 100% filtration 4 times faster than traditional filtration systems and works in conjunction with one of the industry’s most professionally designed filter compartments.


Ozone Water Purification

Every Platinum Spa comes with the Ozone water clarifier as standard to help keep your water clean and healthy. Ozone in the hot tub is a powerful oxidant and helps destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae. It reduces the demand for chemicals in your hot tub, although it doesn’t replace them entirely. An ozone generator purifies naturally, producing ozone from the atmosphere, just using electricity to generate the UV light. Ozone can reduce maintenance time and cost, prolong equipment life, and some people believe that ozonized water also feels softer to their skin.


LED Lighting & Waterfall

Our multi-color lighting  raises your spa experience with a lighted waterfall and a series of lights surrounding the perimeter of the water but also enhances the cabinet exterior with lighted corner panels.


With our innovative use of LEDs, you will love your evening spa time when the sun goes down.



Bluetooth Sound System

The audio system has also improved with a brand new state-of-the-art Bluetooth transducer speaker system. You can immerse yourself deep in the music and simply relax. 


The speakers are are built into the acrylic shell and are strategically placed to provide a full stereo experience providing the sound comparable to each user having their own private headphone speakers.


Viton Seals

Instead of a traditional O-Ring we use Viton Seals on all pumps because of their high resistance to corrosive fluids found in spa chemicals. This makes our pumps the ideal choice for long lasting and reliable spa pump operation.

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